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Shrikul Ship Brokers

Shrikul Ship Brokers is a start-up ship broking company started in September 2021 in dry bulk by 2 partners individually having 15+ years of experience in shipping, sailing and commercial shipping combined with a sole intention to give efficient logistics solution to our clients backed by specialised expertise and dedication in place. January 2022 we have entered in oil & gas sector.

Shrikul Ship Brokers is India's upcoming ocean platform chartering company which offers an efficient logistics solutions in Dry Bulk, Oil and Gas sector.

The best gateway into the world of commercial shipping.

Shrikul Ship Brokers is a shipbroking company with rich industry experience and reputed global clients, growing at fast pace. We deliver comprehensive shipping services worldwide.

Shrikul consists of experts from various areas and backgrounds who have joined hands to help the business have the best progress.

Our Services

Shrikul is a worldwide coordinator of supplies. We work by old school ethics and principles.
•  We uphold industry
•  We exchange and trade merchandise

Our vision is to be one of the leading shipping brokers by advising and providing excellent service to our clients.

Matching Vessels with Cargo

An instant seamless cargo to vessel matching feature for optimal suitability and transport of client's goods.

Freight Trading and Negotiation

To negotiate the cost and strike the deal right in time for client's freight is our motto.

Post Fix Support

After the deal is finalised, full operation will be taken care to go through smoothly.

Time Charter Support

We are always there to support your shipping operation.

Laytime / Demurrage Calculation

We keep effective and continuous track of the loading and discharging of operation before the expiring of Laytime.

Agency Support

We connect clients to the professional agencies for contract and to facilitate ancillary functions to make the process of shipping cargo easy.

Our Core Values

Shrikul is Authentic and Accountable for their clients


Shrikul acts with strong ethics, honesty and honour in conducting business and business relationships.


We believe inspiring trust with truth and transparency, being the keystone of doing business.


We give dedicated time and attend to the clients for their queries till their satisfaction from "Board to Off load" with priority for the client's unique needs that represents the organisation.


We  work as a cohesive unit to deliver client's need "In budget and On time".

Our Expertise

Our Expertise combined with current market research gives us to focus and act fast and efficiently to get the cargo moving in safe and secured manner.
Our expertise is in DRY BULK, OIL & GAS (LPG) SECTOR working on every conceivable cargo.

Dry Bulk

Ores & Minerals

Agro Commodities



Gas (LPG)










We have successfully executed
metric ton
of cargo in Dry Bulk sector